Material origins

Bio-based and circular feedstocks

To ensure that the future of plastics is circular, we’re transforming them at their very foundation—feedstocks. Working with innovators across the globe, we’ve developed technologies to use bio-based and advanced-recycled circular feedstocks to meet the needs of today without sacrificing tomorrow.

What we’re talking about is a new kind of polymer feedstock—built from bio-based or circular materials. Feedstocks that have sustainability in their DNA.

Bio-based materials

Advancing renewable feedstocks

Though feedstocks are typically derived from fossil fuels, they don’t have to be. Our pioneering work in developing ECOLIBRIUM™ Technology allows us to transform bio-based, sustainably sourced waste and by-products from other industries into feedstocks with a lower carbon impact.


Advanced recycling

Ensuring feedstocks have a circular future

To create a truly circular polymer, the world needed a way of turning used plastics back into high-quality feedstock to make virgin-like plastic. And in collaboration with advanced recycling technology companies, we’ve developed such a process. Using it, we’re capable of turning plastic waste into feedstocks that can create new, durable, food-grade polymers that are resource efficient—and ultimately drive sustainable circularity by giving value to what once was considered waste.


Success Stories

See it in action

See how we’re collaborating to create polymers made with more sustainable feedstocks, including bio-based and those developed from advanced recycling.

Mass balance

Meeting the demand for better

Businesses and consumers alike want change. And to meet that, we’ve dramatically increased the number of sustainable feedstocks going into our production lines. By mass balancing this way (rather than creating dedicated lines for producing bio-based or circular polymers), we’re lowering the environmental impact of our process and ensuring the world gets sustainable polymers in the most cost-efficient way.

Dow & Chemical Kim

We partnered with Chemical Kim, scientist and TikToker, to ask - what is the future of recycling?
Watch as she explains how plastics recycling is changing and how we can give plastics a new life,
again and again.

Growing access to sustainable feedstocks

We continue to pursue allies for developing and commercializing bio-based and plastic waste feedstocks across the world. Take a look at the work we are doing together.




Coming together with Plastogaz, a technology startup focused on advancing recycling technology to simplify the process of converting plastic waste to feedstock, to provide another carbon-efficient option to keep plastic waste out of the environment.

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Mura Technology


Partnering with Mura Technology to support the rapid scaling of their HydroPRS advanced recycling process that works to create sustainable feedstocks that promote a more circular plastics economy.

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The latest in bio-based and circular feedstocks