Finding value in waste

Recycled plastic products and applications

To create a circular economy for plastics, we must ensure plastic continuously retains its value. And that happens through its ability to be used again—whether through the incorporation of recycled plastics into resins or new applications. We’re working to bring technologies to scale that do exactly that.

Above all else, recycled materials must work to keep their value—work for brands and businesses, work for consumers, and work for the betterment of our planet.

Recycled plastic polymers

Bringing recycled materials into our product mix

A circular economy relies on the fact that there’s demand for—and value in—recycled plastics. To ensure that’s the case, we’re pioneering the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins, incorporating them into the products we offer. In doing so, through our REVOLOOP™ Technology for mechanical recycling, we’re enabling high-quality products made from recycled materials—and proving the material value of what was once considered waste.


Pack Studios

Innovation for recycled plastics

It takes collaboration and innovation to transform plastic waste into a valuable, reusable material. For us, that work happens through Pack Studios—our innovation testing ground for mechanically recyclable packaging structures. Through formulation and physical and analytical testing we've developed REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastic Resins, which can be incorporated into new packaging without compromising performance.


Success Stories

See it in action

See how our recycled polymers are being used in various applications—helping reduce carbon and retaining the value of plastic.

Recycled plastic applications

Putting hard-to-recycle plastics to work

Where once hard-to-recycle plastics were a problem, now they’re an opportunity. With the help of our partners – and technologies like ELVALOY™ Reactive Elastomeric Terpolymers - we’re using plastic waste as a material to create roads, benches, decking, and more. Giving existing hard-to-recycle plastics a new life in an application where it offers a performance advantage and reduces the environmental impact of new material production.


Partnering to find value in waste

We work with organizations committed to advancing a circular economy, minimizing waste in the environment, and reducing carbon emissions. Explore the work we are doing together.




Collaborating with integrated waste management company Luhai to increase the circularity of plastics in China and give plastic waste collected by the company a second life.

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Avangard Innovative


Partnering with Avangard Innovative to launch the first-ever PCR resins in North America that can be used as a sustainable material alternative for liners, shrink wrap, protective packaging, and more.

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Lucro Plastecycle


Working to advance and enable a circular economy in India by partnering with recycling company Lucro Plastecycle to develop and launch polyethylene (PE) film solutions using PCR plastics.

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Hefty® Renew® Program


Established in collaboration with Reynolds Consumer Products, the Hefty® Renew® Program is designed to complement current community recycling efforts. This program provides a way to collect otherwise hard-to-recycle plastics at the curbside and convert them into new products. For example, in Boise, Idaho, ByFusion is turning the recycled plastics into construction-grade building materials for park benches and outdoor infrastructure.

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Recycled Plastic Roads


Developing technologies with the help of multiple partners that integrate recycled plastics into asphalt, giving waste a second life and creating strong, durable roads and parking lots.

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The Circular Movement


Engaging as the Pioneer Partner in The Circular Movement to help contribute to the transition to a circular economy through education and culture with an aim to create a garbage-free world.

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Mr. Green Africa


Through a first-of-its-kind investment by Dow in Africa, we are working alongside innovative recycling company Mr. Green Africa to address critical gaps in waste management systems.

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Boomera LAR


Producing plastic resin from disposable materials with Boomera LAR

Strengthening and formalizing the work of waste pickers in Brazil through a partnership with Boomera LAR to produce Dow's innovative resin REVOLOOP with recycled materials sourced from local waste cooperatives.

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Developing sustainable resin for flexible packaging with Enka

Combining Enka's deep knowledge of the waste chain in Colombia with Dow's material science expertise to produce REVOLOOP resin for flexible packaging while also boosting the economy.

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Association of Argentine Cooperatives


Recovering silo bags to drive a circular economy with ACA

Working in partnership with the Association of Argentine to recover used silo bags to produce REVOLOOP resin that can be used in organizations that seek to include recycled content in their products while ensuring quality and performance.

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