It starts with design

Creating new opportunities for recycling and reuse

A better tomorrow begins by creating a better process. From there, we stop reacting to a problem and start embracing a solution. We’re working with brands and recyclers to design new ways to use less plastic in packaging—and ensure what is used is fully and easily recyclable.

Circularity isn’t just about what we do with plastic waste. It’s about designing solutions that remove waste from the equation all together.

Sustainable packaging design

Creating packaging that recycles well

Simple packaging is simpler to recycle. It’s why we’ve been developing technologies to enable mono-material plastic packaging design. Solutions using only a single, lightweight, all-polyethylene (PE) structure are much easier to process and recycle.


Performance and purpose

Meeting needs without sacrificing circularity

Brands now design for sustainability—and their packaging should reflect that commitment. By using less material through downgauging or by incorporating recycled content, our solutions enable thinner, lighter packaging that meets performance needs without sacrificing shelf appeal or easy recyclability.


Success Stories

See it in action

Explore some of the ways we’ve collaborated to create more sustainable packaging.

Improved recycling infrastructure

Closing the gaps makes a circular economy possible

We’re working with innovative recyclers across the globe to develop and scale opportunities that keep plastics from going to waste. From turning used plastics into economic opportunities to improving recycling processes and beyond, together we’re developing a solid, sustainable foundation for businesses and brands.


Collaborating to drive progress

We’re investing in, supporting, and collaborating with other organizations to continue to build and improve recycling infrastructure. Explore the work we’re doing together.




Collaborating with Recykal in India to facilitate the unique Rethink+ plastic take-back program, which aims to prevent post-consumer plastic waste from going to landfills by digitally connecting waste generators, waste aggregators, waste processors, and recyclers.

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Project REFLEX


Project REFLEX diverts pouches from landfills

Coming together with partners across Africa to launch a program that aims to divert 10,000 metric tons of flexible packaging waste from landfills to recycling centers while providing sustainability education to waste entrepreneurs.

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Working with SCG to develop new complete recycling solutions that add value to plastic waste and create a circular economy for plastics in Thailand.

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Recycling for a Change


Investing in waste picking cooperatives across São Paulo that provide improved training, equipment, administration, and professionalism to their efforts in preventing plastics from going to landfills and developing a strong, efficient circular economy, while also generating positive social impact.

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The Recycling Partnership


Delivering nearly 200,000 curbside recycling carts to bring equitable curbside recycling access to Baltimore residents with the help of The Recycling Partnership, Closed Loop Partners, the Baltimore Civic Fund, Rehrig Pacific, and many more.

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The latest in design for recycling and reuse